Why Choose Rose Pathology?

Decades of experience in the medical device field, responding to the particular needs of study sponsors, have given Dr. Rose the expertise to differentiate among changes secondary to:

  • The implanted device or material itself
  • The surgical implant process
  • Concurrent natural disease
  • Animal model anomalies

What are the hallmarks of Rose Pathology?

Experience as indicated by:

  • Thoroughness (intense documentation and description in reporting)
  • Appropriate use of scoring systems
  • Excellent report-writing skills coupled with a desire to Liver,-multifocal-coalescing-eosinophilic-granulomas_webcommunicate to the reader

Personal qualities:

  • Intellectual curiosity and ability to effectively search the scientific literature
  • Commitment to maintaining current understanding and stretching intellectually
  • Discretion
  • Reputation for not over-stating results
  • Sense of humor